Second Marriage? Why You Should Elope

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If you’re getting married for the second time, you may be wondering whether you should have a big wedding or if you should just elope. While both types of weddings have their advantages, many times, due to the circumstances of your life post-divorce, eloping just makes more sense. Here are some of the most common reasons why you should think about eloping the second time around instead of going with a traditional wedding.

It Will Be Unforgettable

When you got married the first time, chances are you experienced a lot of stress. Most couples do. They worry about the cost, whether they’re going to have enough food and if everyone in the wedding party can get along for one whole day. There are a lot of compromises that have to take place to make this day happen. However, when you plan to elope, you don’t have to concentrate on anyone else’s happiness but your own. That means that if you and your intended want it to be just the two of you on a boat or at the beach, then that’s the way it will be. Definitely, it is easier to have a destination wedding if getting to the destination only requires that you just have enough money to get the two of you there.

It Can Be Freeing

These days, many couples get married at home in their backyard or someplace else close to home in order to save money. However, this may not be your best bet if you want a stress-free day. Depending on the terms of the divorce from your former spouse, you might find an at-home wedding to be too complicated. Divorces can sometimes lead to hard feelings and drama among family members, which can carry on to arguments and sadness at family gatherings and special occasions like weddings. The cool thing about eloping is that you can make your wedding day totally yours and stay away from the drama. Instead of forcing yourself to appease your guests or break up arguments, you can just get on the back of your motorbike and ride down open roads until you find a little chapel where you and your intended can say your vows on your own terms and without nosey or combative relatives to haunt you.

It Can Save You Money

Often, people will elope because it doesn’t cost much, or they feel like they don’t have enough money to throw a grand wedding and have a great honeymoon. If you’re one of these people, then you may appreciate how eloping frees up your budget. If you do feel guilty for leaving family and friends out of your special day, then have a smaller get-together at a later date. This allows the people who care about you to celebrate your new marriage without you having to go into debt in the process. If you’ve already been married, then you know a wedding isn’t always a fairytale, complete with four dozen roses and a horse-drawn carriage to pick you up before midnight. If you’re like many people, then you’re probably looking for your second marriage to give you a different kind of wedding experience.

That being the case, you might actually appreciate the freedom that comes from eloping. It allows you to spend money on only the things you want to, like a great honeymoon. Eloping also doesn’t force you to compromise when you don’t want to. It’s a good way to express your love for one another in a way that’s right for you.

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