What You Need to Know Before Going on an Extended Honeymoon

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Going on a honeymoon with someone is something you will likely only get to experience once, so you need to make the most of it. If you lament that a one-week vacation isn’t enough to really have fun with your new spouse, you might try extending your trip. Consider this advice as you plan an extended honeymoon.

Plan Carefully

Vacations require plenty of time set aside for preparation, but the longer you’ll be away from home, the more you’ll need to prepare. Getting ready for your long honeymoon means finding the right time to go, figuring out where to stay, and making other necessary plans. Although some vacation spots, like tropical islands, are pleasant year-round, you might need to plan carefully so that you don’t schedule your special honeymoon at the same time as rowdy college students are on spring break or when the area is packed with families on summer vacation.

Leaving Stuff Behind

You can’t pack up your home and bring it on your honeymoon. There might be all sorts of wedding gifts for your new home, but you’ll have to find a place for them and other things. If you’re planning on using a storage facility, be smart about it. Make sure you’re only putting in what absolutely needs to go in storage. You might have to start downsizing some of your things, but this can be a good excuse for letting go of items that have been crowding your garage or basement. You can also have another person look after your belongings. If you’re going to be gone for a considerable amount of time or if you rent your home, you can get someone to sublet your apartment to. If you own your own home, find a neighbor or friend to look after it. Find a way to make the extra work worth their while since they’ll be sacrificing a lot to make sure your home is looked after.

Stick to Your Budget

You should’ve been budgeting for your honeymoon even before you proposed, but chances are that you weren’t. And if you want an extended honeymoon, that means you’ll need even more funds put aside. Remember that you won’t only be spending money — you also won’t be making an income unless you have plenty of paid time off saved up. Don’t try to go on an extended honeymoon if you know that it’s going to decimate your savings. Fortunately, not all honeymoon locations cost the same — some are cheaper while others are exorbitant. If you know that you won’t be able to afford an extended honeymoon, you can try taking a second one in a few years.

A longer honeymoon isn’t necessarily a better one. However, it’s the best way to go if you don’t want to feel rushed or short on time. With an extended honeymoon, you can start your marriage off on a fabulous note.

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