Our History

Established in 1982

Patricia South Bridal was established in 1982 by husband and wife team Bill and Patricia South.

Patricia and Bill started their journey in a small strip mall in Plantation, FL on East Acre Drive. 

Patricia and Bill had no bridal experience. Patricia hadn’t been to a wedding in 13 years. 

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Bill and Patricia South OWners of Patricia South Bridal

it started with i do

Patricia and Bill's wedding

This is a picture of Patricia and Bill walking down the aisle in Buffalo NY on October 23, 1969 Buffalo is Patricia’s home town. 

Grand Opening 1983

Bill told Patrica, we have one 1 year to make this work otherwise we have to shut it down. 

They started their journey with twenty-five bridal gowns, a dozen bridesmaids, and maybe ten mothers’ gowns. 

They searched for new and unique gowns, unlike any other bridal shop.

Within a couple of weeks, the couple started to see a profit. 

This was amazing for an unknown new business to do so. All advertising was word of mouth, handwritten notes, and hand-designed scripted logos and advertising copy. It was placed in the Yellow Pages and the bridal magazines. 

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Patricia Helping brides

Here are a couple of photos of Patricia helping her first brides in her store. 

When Patrcia started the bridal business, she knew nothing about the industry other than her own wedding.  She learned as she went along making mistakes and perfecting her ways of doing the business.  Always putting the bride first. 

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Patricia Souths Husband wife team scaled


Together, their complementary skills and shared passion for helping brides find their perfect gown transformed their business into more than just a store—it became a haven where bridal dreams turned into reality. Patricia and Bill, the dynamic duo, not only built a successful business but also left an indelible mark on countless brides’ lives as they embarked on their journey to ‘I do.

Old Ads throughout the years before the internet

It Is Our Destiny...

Patricia and Bill were the perfect duo couple and business partners.

Bill kept the finances in order and helped create the bridal wonderland for brides.

Together, they created what was referred to as a Disneyland for brides: Patricia’s dream and Bill’s ingenuity in accomplishing this feat.


Patricia did the rest by helping brides to merchandise with a perfect inventory of the brides. 

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Building our wedding store

With the success of their east ache, Plantation Patricia and Bill Sought out new locations to fulfill all their bride’s wishes building a new brand new store. The store is where the bride’s dreams come true for their wedding.

Bill met a wonderful gentleman from California who retired to Florida. This amazing man was retired, and Bill asked if he could help us with our project and if he could ever handle the concept.

He said he thought he might be able to; after all, he was one of the original architects from Disneyland, California. He said he’d be able to, and he did.

Patricia was more into interior design and wanted the atmosphere to replicate a home – a Victorian-style home—a place of comfort for our brides.

Being part of the community

Patricia South loved being part of the community; she was involved with the Plantations Christmas parade each year.

our brides don't want to leave

Most brides feel they are entering a home-turned bridal salon. Actually, it is a bridal, a bridal store turned home.

All of our consultants love what they do we all feel it is a joy to come to work.

We have shortened our name from Patricia South’s The Bride Choice to Patricia South’s Bridal and Formal. Patricia personally prefers the original name, especially The Bride’s Choice, because this is the name their nine-year-old daughter came up with. “The Bride’s Choice,” and we felt we were. 

It is now 43 years later, and we still love what we do. Most of our new brides are actually the daughters of our original brides, prom, and homecoming girls. 

Patricia Souths Newly Built Store
bridal gown shop room fort lauderdale 2

A journey

We always felt this was our destiny. Just as we felt our marriage of 54 years was.

Unfortunately, Bill passed away a year and a half ago. His spirit is everywhere. His love for humanity and his family will always be with us.

Today, our son Billy is holding down two careers – a web designer and trying to replicate his father’s legacy.

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