Same Day Tuxedo Rental


Large variety of tuxedo styles to choose from. 

available for last minute tuxedo rental needs. 

Walk-Ins-Welcome for last minute tuxedo, rental and sales. IN HOUSE INVENTORY

In-House Inventory of tuxedos rental, and sales. Therefore, walk-ins-welcome for last minute tuxedo and formal accessories needs. 

In addition, we offer SAME DAY TUXEDO RENTAL price starting at $109.00. 

Large variety of tuxedo styles and sizes to choose from.

Same Day Tuxedo Rental

Fitted Modern 2 Button Notch Tuxedo

-Available for same-day rental.-

Available Styles for Same Day Tuxedo Rentals

Same Day Tuxedo Rental Fort Lauderdale

Traditional Black 1 Button Notch

Same Day Tuxedo Rental Plantation Florida

Traditional Black 2 Button Notch

Same Day Rental One Button Shawl

Traditional Black 1 Button Shawl

Same day wedding tuxedo Fort Lauderdale

Grey Wedding Tuxedo 2 Button

Accessories Available for same day tuxedo rentals