Same Day Tuxedo Rental

Now that special event or wedding is about to be in full swing, and you forgot to go rent your tuxedo for the day. 

You’re probably scrambling to find a stylish, affordable suit or tux that fits — or, if you’ve really put it off to the last minute, you may be frantically Googling “suit rentals.” 

Well, you are in luck!


A large variety of tuxedo styles to choose from.

Available for last-minute tuxedo rental needs.

Walk-In-Welcome for last-minute tuxedo, rental, and sales. IN HOUSE INVENTORY

In-House Inventory of tuxedos rental, and sales. Therefore, walk-in-welcome for last-minute tuxedo and formal accessories needs.

In addition, we offer SAME DAY TUXEDO RENTAL price starting at $149.00.

Large variety of tuxedo styles and sizes to choose from.

Same Day Tuxedo Rental

Fitted Modern 2 Button Notch Tuxedo

-Available for same-day rental.-


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Available Styles for Same Day Tuxedo Rentals

Same Day Tuxedo Rental Fort Lauderdale

Traditional Black 1 Button Notch Tux

Same Day Tuxedo Rental Plantation Florida

Black 2 Button Notch Tuxedo

Same Day Rental One Button Shawl

Black 1 Button Shawl Tuxedo

Same day wedding tuxedo Fort Lauderdale

Grey Wedding Tuxedo 2 Button

Accessories Available for same day tuxedo rentals

  1. Stop by or Call  
  2. We will show you the tuxedos we have ready for the same-day tuxedo rentals.
  3. We will measure you to make sure your size is available. 
  4. If available, our staff will put together your same-day tuxedo. 
  5. Depending on how busy we are, it takes 15 minutes to an hour.
  6. Try on a tuxedo to make sure it fits. 
  7.  Pay for the rental and enjoy your event!

Currently, the average price for tuxedo FULL rental stands at $179. However, if you’re looking to rent a high-end designer tux, it’ll run you closer to $275.

In most cases, a rental includes the pants, coat, shirt, vest, shoes, neckwear, and even a stud and cufflink set.

The starting price for the traditional tuxedo is $149 


You can rent any part of a tuxedo. If you need a vest, you rent just the vest.

If you need just the pants, rent just the pants. 

Rent whatever you need.

If you already know your sizes please, and you need the same-day tuxedo. 

  1. Call us and tell us you already have your measurements. 
  2. We will discuss what tuxedos and accessories are available. 
  3. Put down a $50 deposit with a credit card over the phone.
  4. We will tell you when the tuxedo will be ready. 
  5. Come in and try on everything. 
  6. Any adjustments will be done in 15min to 1 hour depending on how busy our staff is. 
  7. Pay your balance and Take it that day.
  8. Enjoy your event!

If the tuxedo you need is not for the weekend coming up.  We offer a larger amount of options that we can order from our warehouse.  

  1. Stop by
  2. Look at our selection. 
  3. Place an order for the weekend your event is for. 
  4. Get measured and try on a jacket. 
  5. Pay your deposit. 
  6. Come back the Thursday before your event. 
  7. Tryon your ordered suit or tuxedo. 
  8. Any adjustments will be made in 15 -30 mins. 
  9. In the event something needs to be reordered, we will have it for the following day.
  10. Pay and Take it that day.
  11. Enjoy your event!