How to Make Your Wedding a Family-Friendly Event

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Your wedding is a time to celebrate the big step you are taking with your partner and you want to be able to share that with all the people who are important to you. To do this, you should consider how to make it more family-friendly.

Make it Kid-Friendly

The term “family-friendly” often really means making it more kid-friendly. If you want to do this, then you need to find ways to make it a comfortable environment for the kids while also making sure the adults are having a good time as well. When you do this, you don’t need to make it all about the kids, but you should accommodate them. You can have a kids’ table set up and even include some activities (like coloring pages or a wedding bingo sheet) for them to do. Your wedding could also include a play area for smaller children. Other ways to accommodate kids at your wedding are providing kid-friendly food options, hosting your wedding during the day, or even hiring someone to look after the kids.

Think About Accessibility

When you plan on accommodating everyone important to you, it’s essential that you also consider accessibility. You want to make sure your wedding is something that everyone you invite will be able to access. Older or disabled guests may need ramps or elevators to get around the venue. For those who are hearing or vision impaired, you should set up some audio and visual components so everyone can be included. The best way to provide better accessibility is to ask your guests what their needs are. Don’t just make assumptions. If you know someone will need accommodations, have a polite conversation with them about what is needed for the wedding to be accessible to them.

Provide Variety

You want everyone to have a good time at your wedding, so you should have some variety when it comes to activities. People typically enjoy dancing at weddings, so you want to plan for that. However, you should have other things to do as well. You can create some games for people to play and make sure you have some for all age groups. Set up an area to take pictures and maybe add in some props. Provide entertainment such as a live band or even some acrobats. Provide something for everyone.

Yes, your wedding should be focused on you and your new spouse, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think of others. As you plan your wedding, look at it as a whole and determine how to make it an event for the whole family.

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