What You Need to Set the Mood at Your Wedding

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The best weddings are memorable not because of any specific decoration or food item but because of the feeling or mood they create for the people in attendance. So, if you want your wedding to be a great event for you and your guests, you have to think about setting the right mood. All the elements of your wedding will come together to create a mood that can inspire your guests and remind them of your love for years to come.

Colors and Lighting

The visuals of your wedding will be the first place where your guests start to feel the mood, so you want to make sure that your color choices and lighting are on point. The specific colors you choose aren’t as important as making sure that you choose colors that go well together and set the tone you are going for. Bright colors can set a cheerful tone while darker shades can make a mood that is more sultry and romantic. The lighting will emphasize the color choices and help to set a mood for you and all of your guests.

Music and Dance

The mood of your wedding will be further solidified by the music that you choose for the event. If you want dancing to be involved, you need to choose music that promotes that decision. The mood of your wedding will be totally different depending on the music you choose and even if you choose a live band instead of a DJ. A DJ is skilled at reading the room to know what kind of music guests want to hear. No matter how you decide to present your music, you want to make sure you choose a style that suits the mood you want for your wedding.

Start with a Mood Board

Some people struggle to find the right options for their wedding because they don’t know what mood they actually want. Creating a mood board can help you to figure out what you want and what elements will help you to reach your goals. Your mood board can have images from other weddings and events, and even just swatches of colors and patterns that you like. Then, you bring those elements together in your own way.

Every wedding should have a unique feel that helps make it memorable to your guests. You don’t have to try to do what other people like, instead focus on creating a wedding that you love. The mood will spread from there and get everyone excited.

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