Details That Put the Finishing Touch on the Look of Your Rustic Wedding Celebration

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There are few wedding themes that feel as magical as a traditional rustic wedding. Celebrating in nature with simple beauty and rugged, forest cottage-like aesthetics makes for a truly special and memorable night for the special couple. Planning and perfecting the art of the rustic wedding takes a lot of planning, and while there is a lot to figure out to have your wedding go off without a hitch, it is the details that take a good wedding and make it a great wedding. So, without further ado, here are a few details that can put the finishing touch on your rustic wedding to take it to the next level. 

Fairy Lights

A lot of couples ignore how important great lighting is to foster the perfect ambience for your wedding. There are few elements that have a strong impact on the mood and vibe of your wedding. The best lighting element to include for a truly special rustic wedding is fairy lights. These twinkling golden string lights can hang along light posts, barn posts, door frames, or even being hung above your reception dance floor to bring some magic to the evening. You can even hang them around in trees if you are doing an outdoor ceremony or reception for a truly cohesive outdoor space for your rustic wedding celebration. 

Wooden Elements

A rustic wedding isn’t truly rustic without the inclusion of many wooden elements. Wood elements give a pixie fairy-like dreaminess to your wedding decorations that can be very powerful if harnessed correctly. Wood can be used in more ways than just prioritizing venues with wooden elements though. Try having wooden placeholders at your reception tables, or even using wooden elements in the food and drinks. Agave straws have a wood-tone color which can give a unique look to beverages served with straws. Get creative, using wood in unconventional ways will make your wedding special and tie your theme into every possible avenue. 

Plant Décor

The outdoors and nature are a huge part of giving your wedding that rustic feel that you want. While having a wedding outdoors is always a great rustic way to approach your wedding, you can still pull off a rustic wedding indoors, but it is going to take a lot of plant décor to make it work. Keep things green and vibrant in your indoors spaces with lots of potted plants, bushes and flowers. And if you are doing a wedding outdoors, make sure that your venue has great landscaping that emphasizes diverse foliage and a beautiful and well-trimmed appearance. Plants are simply a must for the perfect rustic wedding. 


Every wedding seems to include signs, whether they are just there to announce the happy couple, welcome guests, direct them towards venues, help guests find their table assignment or anything else, but signs are almost certainly going to be a part of your wedding. Instead of going with the basic printed posters on a simple poster board, try giving your signs a rustic feel. Using wooden signs or chalkboards can be great elements to include for a rustic wedding. Taking care of the simple things like signage while still maintaining the integrity of your rustic theme will give guests a sense of full immersion that will take your wedding to new heights. 

Consider Your Hairdo

When planning your wedding hairdo and the hair elements of the bridesmaids, you should think about trying to incorporate some rustic details into those hairdos. Incorporating flowers, or crowns and tiaras made of twigs, for a wooden element in the hair department can be very tasteful ways to suggest the rustic theme without being too distracting. Keeping things simple while emphasizing the theme, like a single flower in the hair, can be a wonderful addition to your hair stylings as well. Get creative and talk with your hairstylist to see what ideas you can incorporate. 

Think About Bridesmaid Dresses

When going for a rustic theme, your bridesmaid dresses tell a large part of the story to create the rustic mood. Make sure that your bridesmaids dresses are neutral tones to blend in with nature and to not detract from your wedding dress. Think flowery, elegant options rather than shorter or tighter options, perhaps with some sort of draping sleeve to give a fairy like nature to your beautiful bridesmaids. Nailing the bridesmaid dress will help you keep the theme consistent across your entire bridal party. 

Table Decorations

Mason jars and twine are your friends for unforgettable rustic wedding table settings and decorations. Putting some string lights in a mason jar and tying down some cheese cloth over the top with twine can be a great lighting element for the centerpieces of your dining tables to give a rustic, farm-like vibe while still incorporating a beautiful sparkly lightness. Get crafty with making your centerpieces to give a handmade feel to your rustic wedding, which is a major element of a beautiful rustic wedding 

Build Your Bar Out of Wine Barrels

This is another great way to incorporate wood into your wedding day. A bar made from used wine or bourbon barrels gives your bar a farm-to-table feeling, literally. By making your bar a part of the theme, you are incorporating hints that your wedding is an all-inclusive experience that left no stone left unturned to curate the perfect rustic feeling for your special day. Using found materials, like used barrels, gives a hands-on, tactile, and beautiful outdoorsy and classic feel that rustic weddings so expertly create. Give it a shot with a barrel or two and plank of wood or old barn door laid on top, your guests are sure to love it. 

There is no shortage of difficult decisions that must be made to put on the perfect wedding celebration. Rustic weddings are a magical and classy way to celebrate such a joyous occasion. If you can incorporate a few of these ideas into your incredible rustic wedding night, then you will be sure to leave your guests with a lasting memory.

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