How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Bridesmaid

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Every bride is different and therefore all bridesmaid’s responsibilities are different. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to prepare, especially if you’ve never been a bridesmaid before. In this article, we will discuss how you can prepare for a wedding as a bridesmaid to be the most helpful and biggest support for your bride.

Determine Your Duties

Every bride is different which means every wedding will be different. As a bridesmaid, it is your responsibility to minimize her stress and support her dreams. If you haven’t heard already, reach out to your bride, maid of honor, or the event planner to find out what your duties for the wedding day will be. Even if your official jobs are few, emotional support can go a long way in helping your bride feel confident and beautiful. Snacks for the bride or any individuals who are too nervous or too busy to eat can be lifesaving. An emergency kit with first aid supplies, stain remover, and a sewing kit can also come in handy.

Memorize the Wedding Plans

As a bridesmaid, people will look to you for directions and as an example. It is your responsibility to know the wedding plans for the weekend. Memorize events and timelines surrounding the wedding and any important days around it. This way you can help direct others when they are looking for where to go, causing less stress for the bride, groom, and event planner. Staying on top of the schedule will help you know where to be and when to be there because the worst thing you could do is drop the ball on your friend’s most important day.

Get Your Hair and Nails Done

Your bride is not the only person that needs to look fabulous, she just needs to look a little more fabulous than everyone else. Whether you enjoy it or not, this is one of the few occasions where you are responsible for getting your hair and nails done. A bridesmaid is responsible for making sure they look good. Sometimes the bride will bring in a hair and makeup artist to get everyone ready, but if that is the case, make sure you show up early to prevent everyone, including the bride, from getting behind schedule. Taking the opportunity to pamper yourself will not only give you calm before the storm, but it will also communicate with the bride that you are excited for her and support her decision to marry.

Get Your Dress

Some brides like to set a day where they go shopping with their bridesmaids to select a dress. Once the dress has been ordered, and measurements taken, you will likely still need alterations. Every body shape is different and catering to a variety of shapes and sizes can be difficult. Set aside plenty of time to get your dress altered if needed. Many brides are opting to choose a color and assigning the dress selection to you. If that is your situation, this is a great opportunity for you to find something that aligns with the wedding theme and your personal style. You should pick a dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. That way you feel beautiful all day without your movement being restricted.

Find Comfortable Shoes

On the day of the wedding, you will be on your feet all day long. This can be really uncomfortable if you do not have shoes that fit well or that you feel comfortable in. It is important to spend time looking for the right shoes. The way your feet are shaped and your tolerance for different shoes will greatly impact your level of comfort throughout the day. If you haven’t worn your shoes until the day of, you risk developing blisters which can be excruciating after a long day. Be sure to break in your shoes. You can also use moleskin and ball-of-the-foot cushions to help make your shoes even more comfortable. Heels are great but can be challenging when walking outside. Platforms are a nice alternative. If your bride is willing to let you wear flats, thank your lucky stars for the added comfort you’ll have!

Prepare Your Toast 

Sometimes the bride will ask you to give a toast at the rehearsal or wedding dinner. While most people fear public speaking, this request is not about you, it is about the bride and her groom. Write down a few things that you would like to say regarding the couple, give them your well wishes and any advice that you have for them. Keep this speech brief, as you are rarely the only one speaking. Above all, communicate how much you love your bride and how happy you are for her special day.

Know Décor Details 

If your bride has planned a little bit of a DIY wedding, her work should stop well before the wedding. If you are called to help, know what the bride has envisioned for the wedding ceremony and reception so you can help accordingly. Information like where she wants each of the decorations to be placed and what decorations still need completed before the big day will help you fulfill your role. End all be all, your bride should not be responsible for any decorations on the day of the wedding. This includes decorating their getaway vehicle and prepping the bridal room for the big day. Wherever you can, pitch a hand in!

Help with the Bachelorette Party

Prior to the wedding it is tradition that the maid of honor hosts a bachelorette party for the bride. As bridesmaids, it is your responsibility not only to attend, but to help the maid of honor plan this event. Traditionally this has been seen as the last event the bride will attend as a single-gal. With that in mind, work with the maid of honor to choose activities that the bride enjoys doing, especially with her friends. Manage invitations, gifts, and take lots of pictures for a memorable experience.

There is no typical wedding. As a bridesmaid you need to be prepared for the best and the worst. Come ready to help make the wedding day go as flawlessly as it can and support the bride you care about!

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