Activities to Do With Your Bridesmaids Before Your Wedding Day

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You’re getting married and you’ve asked your besties to be your bridesmaids. While there is a ton to do (who knew you could rent silverware?), it’s just as important to take some time to celebrate this exciting time. After all, you (hopefully) only get married once! So what are some things you should do with your bridesmaids before your wedding day?

Throw a Bachelorette Party

Your days of being single are nearly behind you. Celebrate by throwing a bachelorette party! While many people choose a bar or club as the setting for their party, you aren’t limited to those venues. 

Whether you want a relaxing day at the spa or a game night with the girls, there are a ton of fun bachelorette party ideas to choose from. The most important thing is for you and your bridesmaids to have a good time!

Get Beauty Treatments

Every girl dreams of being glammed up for her big day. Make that happen for you and your bridesmaids by getting beauty treatments together. Aestheticians can handle all the details from your hair down to your toenails. Speaking of nails, getting together with everyone and getting your nails done together can be an awesome way to spend some fun girl time together. 

You should make sure your nails match your wedding colors and the nails of your bridesmaids. Choose classic French tips, stunning red, metallic colors, or even neutrals, depending on whether you want your nails to stand out or simply complement your look. Don’t forget to take the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses into consideration.

Take Pictures Together

What better way to commemorate your big day and all the adventures leading up to it than by taking pictures together? Whether you have a professional photo shoot done, have a designated selfie-snapper, or just have people pull their phones out whenever the urge strikes, taking pictures is a great way to document your journey. Share your favorite moments on social media, create a collage, or feature them in your wedding slideshow.

Your bridesmaids are there to help and support you during the time between when you get engaged and when you finally have a ring on your finger. Don’t let your to-do list of tasks that have to be done before your wedding get in the way of a little celebration and fun here and there though. Include activities with your bridesmaids in your scheduled wedding plans. They’re the perfect way to strengthen your bonds with one another and make some unforgettable memories together!

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