What You Should Know Before Dying Your Hair Before Your Wedding

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In the effort to look your best on your wedding day, you may be inspired to dye your hair as the big day is approaching. Whether you have dyed your hair before or not, there are some things to think about as your wedding date is drawing near. This will ensure that you get the results that you’re looking for.

Be Thorough

Dyeing your hair should be a thorough process. You want to make sure that every bit of hair is covered properly. Otherwise, you could end up with a streaked mess of hair. Instructions for the dye you’re using should tell you exactly how to go about covering your roots, dying persistent gray hair and how long you should leave the product on for the color you desire. Don’t forget about dying your eyebrows to match your hair!

Avoid Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that can occur when you dye your hair. You should take steps to make sure you don’t stain your forehead or anywhere around your hairline. Having dye drip onto your arms or shoulders can leave behind a stain that could take a while to fade. You can use Vaseline around your hairline to protect against dye from staining your skin. You can also wear protective clothing to keep the dye from touching your skin. An old T-shirt can be thrown away if you get something on it or saved to wear the next time you color your hair.

Think About the Time Frame

A lot of hair dye products can fade over time, resulting in your needing to apply it again to refresh the color. Think about when your wedding is going to be. Ideally, dying your hair about a week before the wedding is a good idea. If anything were to go wrong, you have time to have it fixed by an experienced professional. However, this isn’t enough time for the color to fade drastically to the point that you would have to dye it again.

There is a lot of planning and prep work that goes on leading up to a wedding. Getting your nails, skin and hair prepped are just some of the things that brides like to address. If you’re someone who dyes their hair regularly, it’s important to be careful about what you’re doing. Using the same color shade as you normally do will help prevent accidents from occurring.

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