What to Know Before Setting a Wedding Date

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A wedding is a big milestone and celebration in your life. Although it is impossible to get everything just perfect, good planning can help make your wedding as close to the day of your dreams as possible. A big part of planning an ideal wedding is picking a great day to have your wedding.

Think About the Weather

Weather is a very important factor when setting a wedding date. Wind, rain, snow, and other less-than-ideal weather can directly affect any outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Additionally, weather typically affects sunlight and, therefore, lighting for any outside pictures. Cold, stormy weather can also affect road conditions and make it harder for guests to attend your wedding. Extremely hot weather, on the other hand, can just be very uncomfortable or cause heat exhaustion. The most popular times to get married based on good weather are June, September, and October. Choosing a date during those months can probably get you good weather on your wedding day, but you need to keep in mind that it is the busy season for weddings. Be on top of booking caterers, stylists, florists, photographers, and any other professionals if you are planning a wedding during those months.

Leave Time for Preparation

Wedding preparation is not limited to just organizing things, decorations, and food. You should also take time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your big day. Additionally, couples that get married in a church usually go through spiritual preparation beforehand. Ultimately, you and your spouse know what you want your wedding day and relationship afterward to be like. Complete any necessary preparations individually and together to achieve those goals.

Loved Ones’ Schedules

You and your spouse are the only ones being celebrated on your wedding day, but you probably want many loved ones there with you. To decide on an ideal wedding date, think of who you absolutely have to have there. You can then come up with a list of possible dates and check which ones would work for your loved ones. This ensures that the people who are important to you can make it on your special day.

Setting a wedding date is one of the first things you should do once engaged. This is because your wedding date will determine all other coordination with caterers, vendors, and other professionals. Make sure that you pick a date that will work well for both you and your spouse and any guests you would like to attend.

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