Wedding Planning 101: What to Plan in the First Two Months of Your Year-Long Engagement

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Wedding Planning 101: What to Plan in the First Two Months of Your Year-Long Engagement 2

Once the excitement has worn off of the proposal, you may find yourself getting anxious about the prospect of planning a wedding. However, by breaking the planning up into manageable tasks, you will have a guide as you embark on this exciting endeavor. Here are three things that you need to plan in the first two months of a year-long engagement.


According to Here Comes the Guide, your budget will largely dictate the entire trajectory of your wedding, making it imperative that you set this parameter first. In addition to deciding your overall budget, you also need to allocate who is paying for each element. Although this is not a fun discussion to have, your wedding planning will go more smoothly if you have your budgeting plan in place before you start making the other decisions. Be sure to continue to track your spending along the way to make sure that you are on track to meet all of your spending goals.


After you have a budget outline in place, you can begin to look at wedding venues. According to Middle Ranch, wedding venues can become booked quickly, so don’t wait too long to make a decision in order to get the wedding venue you want. You may need to adjust your date in order to secure your preferred venue. Be sure to visit the contenders and meet with the people that you will be working with to plan your special day. Making a list of pros and cons of the possible venues may help you to make a more informed and confident decision.

Make a Preliminary Guest List

Like your budget, according to Wedding Happy, your guest list will also greatly influence the other decisions of your wedding planning. For example, if you have a large guest list, you may need to scale back the menu for your reception, offering passed appetizers instead of a full sit-down dinner. Consequently, this will possibly influence the time of the day that you begin your wedding and reception. At this point in the wedding planning process, you do not need the names of who made the cut. You only need a general idea of how many people you plan to invite.

Making a checklist of all of your upcoming tasks will help you to stay in control and feel more relaxed. Remember that this should be a fun process and not something that should give you anxiety.

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