The Wedding Invite: Do’s and Dont’s

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With so much to take care of in anticipation of a wedding, you might think of the invitations as being something of an afterthought. However, you need to give them as much consideration as any other part of your wedding, as the invitations can set a tone for the rest of your wedding. These are the do’s and don’ts of making wedding invitations.

Be Sure to Make Use of Your Color Scheme

Wedding invitations can get a preview of the wedding through looks alone. According to Bride Box, before you think about making your wedding invitation, you should have an idea of what the color scheme is for your wedding. This can be a great help to your guests, as they’ll be able to plan their outfits accordingly.

Don’t Send Online Invites

Email might have eclipsed snail mail long ago, but when it comes to wedding invitations, you need to be prepared to lick some stamps. Online invites might be faster and more affordable, but they’re also quite impersonal. According to B Squared, the experience that your printed materials creates for the recipients really does matter, and in fact, the medium that you select for your project may even determine and shape the message being conveyed. Printed invitations are classic and memorable. With printed invitations, you can give your guests a memento that they’ll greatly appreciate.

Send Them in a Timely Manner

An issue with seeing the invites as an afterthought is that you can seriously procrastinate on them. Saphire Event Group recommends that people need to get notice as soon as possible, so they can schedule their own obligations accordingly. You should have them sent out at least several months prior, and even sooner if it’s an especially elaborate wedding.

Don’t Get Any Information Wrong

It might be common sense, but you need to be diligently proofreading all parts of your invitations before you send them out. If you were to send them out with the wrong date or address for the venue, it could cause all kinds of confusion. Vappingo recommends that you make sure everything can be understood at first glance. Sometimes if we focus on the same words for a long amount of time, it’s helpful to change the font or do other things to make you read the words more carefully. Read each word carefully and make sure it is all correct, don’t just assume it is correct because the word processor doesn’t say there are. If a stationary store is making your invitations, give plenty of consideration to any suggestions they have. It might not be something you realized was an issue but that could make total sense.

The care put into your wedding invitations should reflect the care you have for your guests and the person you’re planning on spending the rest of your life with. Your guests will appreciate all the care that you’re putting into planning your wedding the moment they first open their invitation.

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