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Suit Up: Groomsmen Trends for Weddings

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Who says the groom and his groomsmen can’t shine?

This is an important day of his life, too. And while he may not take center stage like the bride, the groom and his boys still have to make the crowd swoon. Tired of the simple, black-and-white tuxedos? Try out these fun looks that will set you and your men apart from the crowd.


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(Photo Source: We Heart It)


Super Secret Identity: The boys will get a kick out of this one. Prepare for a lot of personality in your wedding photos! Let them choose their favorite superhero alter-ego and let their playfulness peek out at the right moment.


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(Photo Source: Love That Serendipity)


Nice Kicks: Your groom more of a casual guy and dress shoes don’t cut it for him? You may be able to force him into a suit, but let him have his touch of swag so he doesn’t feel too stifled.


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(Photo Source: The Bridal Guide)

The New Black:  It’s not just a questionable book or movie — fifty shades of grey are the new look! Where black suits may be traditional and jarring, gray suits lighten up the mood without losing formality.


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(Photo Source: Keestone Events)

Not Just for Grandpa: Suspenders are no longer a thing of the past. Groomsmen are now sporting this fancy-without-a-fuss look, which goes great with rustic, small-charm, or jazz-themed weddings.


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(Photo Source: It’s a Bride’s Life)


Sock’em: Just like the superhero shirts, colorful and funky socks are a little bit of personality stowed away for the perfect photo op.


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(Photo Source: NY Wedding Maven)

Mix-n-Match: You know that bridesmaids trend where the girls essentially have the same theme but mix it up by varying in style or color? It can be a go-to for grooms, too!


Do you have another fun idea that’s trending? Or if your wedding already passed, how did your groomsmen decide to shake things up? Share in the comments below!

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