Just Married — Important Details to Keep in Mind About Your Wedding Reception Exit

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Just Married — Important Details to Keep in Mind About Your Wedding Reception Exit 2

Once the vows have been said, the cake has been cut and the last dance has come to a close, it will be time to wrap up your special wedding day with a ceremonial reception exit. Make this departure count by turning the moment into something special. Here are a few details to keep in mind when planning your wedding reception exit.


The send-off is the culmination of your perfect day, and it should be reflective of the tone of your wedding. Some couples choose the traditional rice send-off as they exit the reception venue. Throwing rice symbolizes rain and is reported to bring prosperity, fertility and good fortune to the newly married couple. If you’d rather not throw rice, you can have guests throw bird seed, flower petals, or biodegradable confetti/glitter. Other popular ways to create the send-off include blowing bubbles and ringing miniature wedding bells. Sparklers or glow sticks are especially festive if your reception is at night. You can use a seasonal item such as dried leaves for a fall wedding or beach balls for a party out by the shore. This is a great part of the wedding to let your creativity shine.

Getaway Car

Once the send-off has happened, it is time to hop into your getaway car. While the classic send-off is a limousine, you should not limit your options to just that. There are several benefits of driving a sports car if you’re looking to get something a little more luxurious. Not only will this be fun, but it is also the perfect size for the happy couple. For something really romantic, you may want to consider a horse-drawn carriage straight out of a fairytale setting.

Where You Will Go

There are a variety of options for where you will go once you make your getaway. Ultimately, the choice will be dictated by what is most convenient for you and your immediate plans. Some couples choose to head out directly for their honeymoon after their wedding reception. This may not be practical if your wedding reception ends late in the evening. In this case, you will most likely want to find a special hotel to celebrate your wedding night and then leave in the morning for your trip.

When it comes to your wedding and reception, it’s all about the details. With nearly endless possibilities for your reception exit, it should be easy to find the right ideas for your personal needs and preferences. Soak in every moment of this special time as you embark on the journey of your new life together.

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