Is Your Wedding Accessible for Disabled Guests?

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Your wedding is one of the most poignant events you’ll ever experience, so it’s only natural that you want it to live up to your expectations. From the location to the flowers, you have envisioned this day a thousand times. But when it comes to attending your wedding, your guests need to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible, especially if they’re elderly or suffer from chronic medical conditions.

Vision Loss

Attending your wedding should be a pleasure, not a source of contention for your guests. Guests suffering from visual disturbances might not be able to see you and your wedding party from where they’re sitting, so it’s up to you to help them have a bird’s-eye view. This can include specialized seating for those who have visual impairments or even installing a screen where the nuptials can be seen from a distance.

Hearing Loss

Since many with hearing loss have trouble distinguishing between voices and room noises, the assisted listening systems in your venue are important. Make sure that the location that has been chosen to get married can accommodate guests suffering from hearing loss. There are a lot of assisted listening systems for churches that can be installed for your big day. Consider buying or renting speakers for the event to help amplify the music and nuptials.

Wheelchair Access

One of the most disappointing, not to mention dangerous, situations for guests is if your venue lacks wheelchair access. Prior to finalizing where you’ll hold your wedding, take note of any guests who may need wheelchair access. If the location you choose isn’t able to provide this service, you may want to look elsewhere. Excluding people just because they need special accommodations is nothing short of heartbreaking, for you and your guest. Inquire whether the venue has the ability to accommodate guests with special needs. You need to verify there is a primary access point that has a ramp. You also need to make sure that the venue has bathrooms to accommodate guests as well. If the wedding is being held outside, inquire how the vendor can ensure that your special guest can safely reach that location. Finally, ask about seating. Someone who uses a wheelchair may need to sit at a table that has an adjustable height. 

Regardless of whether you’re the bride or groom, your wedding is a time to cherish with friends and family. It’s important to ensure that none of your loved ones miss the wedding due to improper accommodations. Make your big day wonderful with a little advanced planning and forethought.

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