How You Can Help Plan a Friend’s Wedding Without Overstepping

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All weddings are exciting, but it can be even more exciting when your friend is planning her big day. It can be really fun when you are asked to help bring the event together. Here are some ways you can contribute that will make that day very special.

Make Invitations

As you know, the invitation helps set the mood for the wedding. Designing an invitation is a great way to contribute to the planning. Discuss with the bride the theme of the wedding as well as how she would like that introduced in the style and graphics of the invitation. Font, graphics, paper type, color, and size are elements that need to be considered. Decide if the invitation is to be mailed or posted online. Look for templates that have all the necessary information that needs to be included in the invitation.


A florist can create many unique designs with flowers that fit the theme of the wedding. For up-to-date floral designs, the arrangement planner may want to consult a wedding florist specialist. You and the bride can decide whether you want the florist to furnish the flowers as well as design the arrangements. Some flowers may be found in the yard and not have to be purchased. An example that comes to mind is using a hydrangea bloom that is showy and can be tinted to tint to match the theme colors. As a friend helping to plan the wedding, offer your talent to make floral arrangements.

Searching for a Venue

After the bride has picked a theme, finding a proper venue is the next step. As a friend, you can research area venue options that fit the wedding theme. Be sure to consider the bride’s budget. Parking is another consideration as is the season. An outdoor wedding can be a possibility if the temperature and other weather aspects are compatible. This planning needs to be done early to ensure the venue is reserved for the date needed.

Being asked to help plan a friend’s wedding shows how much trust the bride has in you. Be open with her about your design skills and the ability to coordinate them with a theme. Every bride needs help with the planning of her special day. Be sure to listen closely to what she wants, and coordinate with her each step of the way. Allow her to approve your ideas before proceeding.

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