How to Pull Off a Weekend Bachelorette Getaway

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Planning a bachelorette party should be fun and not stressful. Although it can be easy to fall into the trap of becoming anxious about the details, it is more important to focus on the big picture rather than getting caught up in the little things. Once you have established your guest list, it is time to start thinking about the budget and the destination. How are three things to keep in mind when planning a weekend bachelorette getaway:

Make it Affordable

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The chief concern of many of your guests will be how much the trip is going to cost them. It is important to consider the budget parameters of every attendee so that nobody feels as if the trip is cost-prohibitive. Establishing the price range up front and agreeing on how to split the costs before the trip commences will save you from potentially awkward situations at the end of the getaway. Do not be afraid to ask for group discounts for any tours or hotel reservations that you secure.

Pick a Fun Destination

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This is where you really want to get creative. Gone are the days of bachelorette parties is limited to the beach or Las Vegas. When choosing the destination, consider the interests and energy level of all of the guests. If your guests prefer downtime and a casual vibe, consider renting a cabin for a mountain getaway. Not only will be this be affordable, but it will also give the girls time to reconnect in a tranquil setting. A short weekend cruise is also a fun way to get out and celebrate. All-inclusive cruises are friendly to the wallet and also provide the opportunity to visit new and interesting places that you might have not otherwise considered.

Keep it Spontaneous

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This should be a time of relaxation for everyone on the trip. Although it is a good idea to have a basic framework for a schedule, too detailed of an itinerary will only leave everyone frazzled and stressed. Be sure to build in some flex time so that guests can select some of their own activities. Remember that traveling with a large group always takes longer than expected, so be sure to plan some wiggle room into the schedule. Because you’re traveling with a group, you may need to book transportation that can comfortably seat your entire party. Having access to a rental car will give you greater flexibility over your schedule. 

By thinking outside of the box, you can come up with a host of creative ideas that will please any bachelorette and all of her guests. The only thing left to do is to celebrate!

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