How to Do a Delayed Honeymoon to Make the Most of Your Wedding

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How to Do a Delayed Honeymoon to Make the Most of Your Wedding 2

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The best day of your life can also be stressful with planning and spending money on your event and your guests. One way to save money is to delay your honeymoon so that you can guarantee you’ll have a relaxing time with your new spouse. This doesn’t mean that you have to skip the whole adventure. Here are a few tips on how and why your honeymoon can wait.

Take a Shorter Weekend Trip After the Big Day

Are there any nearby places you’ve always wanted to visit? You can have a romantic getaway out of town without the need for a pricey flight to a tropical resort. Pack a swimsuit and hit the beach out of town or look to a weekend rental in the woods. You might still need lots of trunk space for your trip, but it might be a shorter drive. You’ll save money on airfare and get a chance to start enjoying your new life as a married couple.

Deciding on When to Have the Honeymoon

If you plan the dates for your delayed honeymoon, you’ll have something to look forward to and plenty of time to prepare. Many people have to go back to work right after their wedding and can’t afford to use up more vacation days. Decide if you’ll want to wait months or even a year for the honeymoon of your dreams. This decision should be made as a couple, and it can save you tons of money when you book your trip far in advance.

Postpone Your Honeymoon, Not Your Spark!

The excitement of your wedding will always be in your mind and the memories of the day are sure to last a lifetime. Consider delaying your honeymoon to reflect on how far you’ve come as a couple. Leaving town for a romantic getaway can be just what you need to feel the same as when you proclaimed, “I do!” By preparing and saving money in advance, you’re less likely to fight about finances, and you can look forward to your vacation with anticipation.

You don’t always have to go on your honeymoon right after the wedding. By waiting to go on your honeymoon, you can learn even more about your likes and dislikes as a couple and come up with a mutual place to celebrate your love. Consider creating a honeymoon fund that will have you anticipating your fun trip even more!

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