How to Afford the Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

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Planning a wedding can be costly, but you don’t have to go into debt over your dream wedding. Marrying your best friend is a once in a lifetime event, and you will be happy to know that you can make your special day a reality even if you are broke. Here’s how to do it.

Dream First

Before you start throwing in the numbers, take some time to visualize your dream wedding. Make sure you involve your partner to ensure you are on the same page. New York Times recommends to list the aspects that matter the most to you and prioritize them when preparing your budget. Some of the things to agree on include:

  • The location
  • Wedding theme
  • Type of reception
  • Band or DJ?
  • Honeymoon

Consider Your Finances

Although you want everything that’s on the list, funds will be the limiting factor. Know what you can pay for and what you can’t. So, look into your funding sources before making any significant decisions. If you are financing the event, consider your savings, the amount that is available for spending and how much you are inclined to put into making your dream wedding a reality. In case you want to ask for assistance from friends and family, talk to them about how much they would be willing to contribute. You could also do some research on discounts or coupon codes. Plus Voucher Code explains, “coupons often exist for luxury items or even things you might not expect.” Make sure you put aside some money for surprise costs, miscellaneous and for your honeymoon. 

Additionally, you’ll want to think about the type of honeymoon you’ll be having, and how much important you’re going to be putting into it. If you’re an adventurous couple and are looking for high-energy activities, you might end up with a larger price tag than merely hanging out at a resort for a bit. Consider just how much you want a dream wedding as opposed to a dream honeymoon.

Use Your Connections

Remember your friend who works for a local band or musical group? You can ask them to play at your wedding reception. What about your mother’s friend who is a caterer? Get her over the phone. A friend or family member is likely to give you great discounts, way better than a stranger would. Make sure you share your vision with them.

Choose a Wedding Day That’s Not Saturday or Friday

Although everybody wants to get married on the weekend, it doesn’t have to be the case. Settling for a weekday will help you make significant savings on your venue. The only disadvantage would be it may make it hard for everyone to make it to the party. However, understand that it is not about everyone else; and as long as the bride and groom are available, everything else will be okay. And in the long run, it won’t matter if you have your wedding on a Tuesday or a Friday. You will still have an awesome day.

Keep Your Guest List Short

Weddings are often priced per guest. Reduce the guest list such that you only pay for people who are close to you. Your mom’s third cousin doesn’t have to be on the list if you cannot afford. Also, your father’s co-workers that neither you nor your partner has met don’t have to attend your wedding.

Hold It in a Community Center or at the Park

If you do not like the idea of having your wedding on a weekday, consider holding it at a cheaper location. This article from I Will Teach You to be Rich says, “your wedding’s location can affect how expensive it is overall. You can leverage this fact and cut back on your wedding expenses by choosing a more budget-friendly location.” Although such sites may not be ideal, a community center can be a paradise if you decorate it well. Outdoor weddings are great because nature is enough decoration. Beach weddings are quite inexpensive too. If you have a large yard, then you may want to consider having your wedding reception in your own backyard. There are simple ways to improve the landscaping of your home. As Legion Landscaping discusses, hardscaping features and fresh sod can go a long way toward elevating the look of your property. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, then this can be a great option.

Buy Your Wedding Dress Online

The traditional way to buy a wedding gown is to book an appointment with your local bridal shop and take your friends to help you settle for the right gown. However, the internet and social media have made it possible for brides to order wedding dresses online at an affordable cost. Before you start searching for deals online, here are some expert tips to help you find your dream wedding dress on the comfort of your couch:

  • Know your waist, hips, and bust measurements
  • Familiarize yourself with the fabrics
  • Understand the store’s policies
  • Go through the product descriptions thoroughly
  • Read reviews to make sure what you’re getting will be quality

DIY Decor

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Ask your loved ones to help out and assign everyone a particular project to work on. One can do the decorations; another can work on the bouquets while someone else gets the centerpieces. As long as the outcome pleases you, nobody cares if something looks a bit off.

Avoid Mentioning the Word “Wedding” When Sourcing Vendors

For some reason, everything becomes expensive when you suggest that you are planning a wedding. Make sure you ask for a quotation before you mention that the service is for a wedding. They are unlikely to overcharge you if they already gave a cheaper quote beforehand.

You don’t have to go broke when tying the knot. Combine these tips with some stingy planning to have your dream wedding. Besides, your wedding expenses should not be an excuse to be stressed out and fail to enjoy the day.

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