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If you’re an avid traveler, photographer or even a blogger, the idea of taking a honeymoon to the most visited vacation spots may not be particularly appealing, especially if you’ve seen them all. What can be appealing, however, are the roads less traveled. Here are some great honeymoon destinations if you and your other half are feeling adventurous.

Petra, Jordan

One of the most stunning archaeological trips you can make on your honeymoon is a trip to Petra, Jordan. The only way to enter the city is through a long gorge called the Siq. The gorge then leads to the rock-structure called the Al Khazneh. Heading to Petra is undoubtedly a path less traveled, but the archaeological sites are magnificent and unforgettable. Petra, incidentally, was voted one of the New7Wonders of the World. Just this ranking, alone, makes it worth seeing.

Spend a couple of days in Wadi Musa and then head to Petra. You’ll need two to three days to visit Petra as the structure is enormous and the sites are spread out. Wear hiking boots and bring plenty of water, too. If you’re up for walking long distances, you can do the hikes on foot. If not, there are donkeys and camels to help you get from one wonder to the next.

Cape Town

Cape Town can also be a great destination to consider as Africa is often considered in most couple’s honeymoon lists. Cape Town offers incredible landscapes, which can be viewed by taking a cable car up Table Mountain. Table Mountain is over 260 million years old. If you have never seen live penguins, head to Boulders Beach to see the large African penguin colony in their natural habitat. Lay out in the sun at Oudekraal beach or Beta Beach and then spend your evenings sampling Cape Town’s many restaurants. You can also take a tour of the city with the town’s red Hop-On Hop-Off double-decker buses. If you’re a wine lover, head to Cape Town’s Wineland for a day of wine tasting. The Wineland is about an hour’s drive from Cape Town. They also have rather amazing suites for luxury and relaxation, if you and your new spouse would just rather stay-in.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a popular beach getaway located at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Sur. Depending on where you decide to stay, you may find a high-energy party vibe or a laid-back historical landmark, but all of it features unforgettable beaches. As tempting as it may be to linger on the beach, there’s much more to see and do. From December to April you can see humpback and gray whales on their annual migration. Go snorkeling and come face-to-face with manta rays, sea lions, and possibly even a whale shark! And if you’re there between September and December, you can do your part for wildlife conservation by helping release baby sea turtles into the Sea of Cortez. Worried about safety? Los Cabos is now safer than ever thanks to recent efforts to improve city-wide security — crime in Cabo San Lucas has dropped 90%!


Ever dreamed of taking a safari? Head to Nairobi, Kenya, to see giraffes, lions, zebras, warthogs, rhinos, and gazelles roaming in their natural habitat. Nairobi’s national park is roughly 45 square miles, and you can take a half-day tour to travel through the park with your van and tour driver. If you’re pining to be up close to at least one of these animals, visit the Langatta giraffe center where you’ll be able to feed the Rothschild giraffes. After Nairobi, take a trip to Nairobi’s magnificent coast. You can visit the beaches in Mombasa as well as the tiny town of Lamu. Lamu is the oldest town in Kenya and is inaccessible by car. Their thin alleyways allow only pedestrians, carts and donkeys. Check out the Lamu fort in the morning and then spend the afternoon in the blue waters at Shela beach.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

A visit to Cambodia’s temples makes for a perfect honeymoon destination. Start by visiting Siem Reap where you can tour the area’s temples. The most famous one is Angkor Wat, but there are many lovely smaller ones like the Ta Prohm temple. Try to hire a guide who can provide you with details and history about each site. When you’re not learning about the temples, spend some time on Cambodia’s beaches like Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong. It’s not densely populated, so you’ll have stretches of sand to yourself. If you want to immerse yourself in the life of Cambodians, visit their busy markets where you’ll find all kinds of foods, spices, and clothes.


If you’re looking to take a trip of a lifetime, plan a honeymoon to Antarctica. It has a vast stretch of ice and no towns, but what you’ll see here will forever change your outlook on nature and the wilderness beyond man’s grasp. The icebergs stretch high and wide, dotting the water like an icy city. Will the ice caps eventually melt? Maybe. If they do, now is the time to see them. Opt for a cruise ship or a smaller expedition ship. Besides the icebergs, there are penguins, whales, and seals.

Whether you’re looking to bask on a secluded beach in Cambodia, see archaeological wonders in Petra, icebergs in Antarctica, penguins in Cape Town or wild animals in Nairobi, consider a wild adventure for your honeymoon. Your memories won’t have a manufactured, generic feel. They will be rugged, real and unique. So hopefully between the dress shopping and all the other preparations, this article will have helped you plan and narrow down your honeymoon options.

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