Common Venues Where People Choose to Get Married

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While you plan your wedding, there are a few key decisions you need to make early on in the process. Selecting the venue is one of these important choices. 

There are several types of popular venues you might consider for your wedding. 


Perhaps one of the most popular options, hotels are truly the perfect site for a wedding. Hotels feature plenty of space for entertainment and they offer all the amenities you will need. They include catering, a variety of rentals, and plenty of accommodations for all your guests. When you host your wedding at a hotel, you can make sure everyone has somewhere to stay and it’s convenient for everyone. 

There’s no need to travel between lodging and the venue since they’re one and the same. Having your wedding at a hotel also opens you up to a variety of styles. You can stay in a historic hotel to capture a romantic atmosphere or you can choose a modern hotel to add some elegance to your wedding. There’s a hotel out there that’s perfect for your wedding. 


If you and/or your partner are religious, then you might select a church for your wedding venue. This space can add something special to your wedding since it holds spiritual significance. Of course, hosting a wedding at a church or other religious institution will be a little different from other weddings. 

Religious weddings often require spiritual preparation. Additionally, most weddings in churches only include the ceremony and the reception is held elsewhere. Keep in mind that you should consider traveling between the church and the venue. 

Outdoor Venues

It’s become quite popular to host your wedding outdoors rather than in an indoor venue. Examples of outdoor weddings include those at ranches, farms, or even on a beach. With these types of venues, it’s ideal to take advantage of the outdoor space while also including some sort of building. For example, when getting married on a ranch, you can have most of the activities outside but use the barn for eating, dancing, or as an alternative space if the weather doesn’t cooperate. These outdoor venues are a great option because they create a very relaxed and casual atmosphere where everyone can just have fun. 

The venue you select for your wedding will impact all other decisions including decor, the size of your guest list, and even the food and amenities you include. Consider all the different options and select your perfect venue in order to get started on the rest of the details. 

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