Classic Vintage Wedding at The Glidden House

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Classic Vintage Wedding Event at The Glidden Home by: Ashley 07.18.2018 Marilyn and Nate’s romance starts when they met at a little bakeshop in Cleveland, Ohio. After striking it off, these two would later get engaged at this very same bakeshop, then married simply a block away a year and a half later! How romantic is that?! They celebrated their special day in style with a timeless vintage theme that included treasure furnishings and rich florals of garden roses and dahlias.

They also had some fun little details we enjoy, like the oh-so-delish donut wall featuring beer infused donuts (say what!) and tasty custom mixed drinks dished out at their historic venue, The Glidden House. They probably never ever pictured exactly what would come of their first coffee date at that bakeshop, but we’re delighted to share their story with you! Learn more about their day listed below and grab a more detailed search in the full gallery from

Lauren Gabrielle. ElephanT cUFF LINKS FOR LUCK From A Captivating Fête: The bride’s Harriet Wilde gold leaf and flower embellished suede heels was among our favorite bride design details. She also gifted her groom with the customized elephant cufflinks. Elephants are among their favorite animals, and are a symbol of best of luck! They had an intimate wedding event and kept their wedding event party truly small with just a matron of honor (sister of the bride) and finest male (twin sibling of the groom). They had our other brother or sisters carry out readings at the event.

Historic reception location

Their historical reception place, The Glidden House, was equally charming and only a block far from where they initially met. The bride’s wedding design was classic/vintage and she selected treasure furniture pieces and linens in a few blended flower materials to compliment that ambiance. The bride’s dad also made a little donut wall for the reception which was covered in mini beer-infused donuts made by regional bakery Brewnuts. It was likewise truly special for Nate to have his favorite funfetti groom’s cake and the couple provided favors of local, specialty handmade caramels from Hummingbird Bake Store. Drinks and flowers

Signature drinks of Moscow Mules and Raspberry Lemonade with vodka and fresh raspberries were served at the bar. Rich florals filled with garden roses and coffee shop au lait dahlias embellished the reclaimed dining wood tables which were styled elegantly by lead planner, Lauren Hibbard.

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