Bridal Hair Styling Tips for Your Big Day

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While many brides understandably focus all of their attention on the wedding dress, the way that you choose to style your hair also has a significant impact on your overall look for the special occasion. When deciding how to wear your hair for your wedding day, you need to consider your personal comfort, how the hair feels to the touch and the appearance of the style that you choose. Here are three hairstyling tips to keep in mind for your big day:

Proper Hair-Brushing Techniques

Leading up to the wedding day, you will want to make sure that you are caring for your hair by brushing it correctly. Some proper hair-brushing techniques include using a wide-tooth comb to break apart tangles instead of using a hairbrush. Using a comb instead of a brush will keep your hair from falling out and losing volume. Spraying a little hairspray on the comb will help to avoid static. Use gentle and light strokes to mitigate the stress to the hair and keep it strong and healthy. Caring for your hair can help to ensure you look your best when it matters most. 

Don’t Use Too Much Hairspray

While it is understandable that you want your hairstyle to stay in place throughout the day, it is vital that you resist the urge to use too much hairspray. You want your hair to look soft and flexible rather than stiff and hard. Rather than relying on hairspray to keep your up-do in place, you can provide support with bobby pins and texturing gels. Your wedding day is the time to splurge on a high-quality hairspray. Choosing a quality brand will ensure that your style holds up while still feeling and looking natural. 

Choose a Comfortable Hairstyle

Although you want your hair to look stunning as you walk down the aisle, you also need to take care to choose a style that will be comfortable all day long. You have a long day and night ahead of you and your hairstyle should not be something that holds you back. If you know that having your hair down on your neck will bother you, you would be wise to choose an up-do. Conversely, if too much product or pins will make you uncomfortable, you should go with a style such as loose and flexible waves.

The most important thing to remember is to pick a style that fits your personality. You want to walk down the aisle feeling like the best version of your true self.

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