Bridal Beauty Timeline: How Soon Should You Start Preparing?

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Getting married? Between purchasing a dress and deciding on a venue, brides have plenty of work to do. It’s also important to take a little time for yourself and make sure that your skin, makeup, and smile look flawless in preparation for the big day. How soon you should start preparing depends both on your personal preferences and the timeline for your wedding. Here are some recommended guidelines.

Skin Treatments

According to wedding experts, you should generally begin preparing your skin for the wedding at least six months before. This includes establishing a regimen for your skin type and introducing any new products so that they have a chance to settle before the big day. If you have the time and budget, you might also consider getting regular facials in the months leading up to the wedding. Don’t neglect to take care of the skin on your chest, shoulders, and upper back, either, especially if you’ll be wearing a strapless or low-cut dress.

Makeup and Hair Treatments

Roughly six months before the wedding, it’s a good idea to book an initial consultation with your preferred makeup artist. Try to schedule a hair appointment for the same day so you can see how the hair and makeup look together. You may even consider introducing a hair mask into your regular hair routine. Now is probably not the time to experiment with wild lip colors or trendy eyeliner; wedding photos last a long time, so it’s a good idea to have a simple, fresh makeup look that won’t look dated five years from now. One month before the wedding, do a final hair and makeup trial with all the hair accesories you’ve selected to confirm you like the look. Make a note of any products your makeup or hair stylists use so you can keep them on hand.

Preparing a Beautiful Smile

Prepping your smile for your wedding day is just as important as taking care of your skin and makeup. A pretty, glowing smile is a perfect accessory for your wedding day. It’s advisable to get the process going as early as possible before the wedding—even up to a year in advance of the big day—to give yourself plenty of time for any orthodontic treatments. If you’re not interested in traditional braces for smile preparation, many experts suggest clear aligners because they’re barely visible and can be easier to handle since you can take them out to floss and brush. A clean and healthy mouth is what makes for a beautiful smile, so make sure that you take steps to care for your teeth and gums. Whatever method you choose, time is of the essence, so get started soon!

Weight Management

Because many brides want to look the best on their wedding day, they tend to put a lot of emphasis on dieting and losing weight in order to do that. There are a lot of methods out there that can be used to help manage weight for your big day. If you are wanting to lose some weight or just sculpt specific areas of your body, coolsculpting may be an option to look into. If you want to maintain your weight or even gain a healthy amount of weight, you should look into the best type of diet for your body. Whatever you decide to do, plan for it well in advance so that you can accomplish your goal before your special day.

Planning your beauty routine for your big day doesn’t need to be stressful. With the right timeline in place, you’ll know you’re ready to go. For more wedding tips and tricks, check out our blog!

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