Awesome Things to Do During a Punta de Mita Honeymoon

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If you’re looking for a magical overseas honeymoon, then this is the place for you! On the Mexican coast, just kissing the Pacific Ocean, lies Punta de Mita – a stunning, one-of-a-kind location that boasts both the breathtaking isolation of nature and a world-class resort. Still not convinced? Here are some facts about Punta de Mita that may change your mind!

Outdoor Adventures

Profound and personal connection with nature is one of the most meaningful things we can do when we want to find personal peace. And where else would you want as much as peace as on your honeymoon? You and your partner can get away from it all on the white and spacious beaches of Punta de Mita. The temperature is just exquisite, bouncing between eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and seventy-five in the winter. It also boasts plenty of wildlife tours and parks – go snorkeling, horseback riding, or on a whale-watching tour!


There are some amazing places to eat in Punta de Mita, with the selection ranging from classic Mexican to fine dining. Authentic Mexican food is, of course, incredible. The North American version of Mexican food – even at its very best – simply does not compare. Go try some street tacos one day, and then hit up a coastal grill the next, sipping a chilled drink while overlooking the waves at twilight. Or you can try a truly high-end establishment with a dress code and reservations. There are plenty of options, and each one is better than the last!

See the Cultural Sights

Mexico has a rich history and culture that extends well beyond food. Punta de Mita in particular is the modern-day residence of the Huichol Indians, a tribe that has been around since before Columbus arrived in the Americas. You can see Huichol art and music nearby and can even take a tour of their village if you wish! Contemporary art exhibits and galleries in other nearby towns host massive events open to the public, like the Bucerías Art Walk (which takes place every week). There’s even an excellent location for surfing very close – in La Lancha, just through a small section of alluring jungle.

Punta de Mita offers the best of both worlds: enough civilization and quality hotel service to support you and anything you could want, and a closeness with the natural world that is unparalleled. So go enjoy yourself! Whether on the beach, in a hotel room, learning about the local indigenous peoples, or sinking your teeth into a piping-hot empanada, you are sure to have a honeymoon you will never forget.

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