7 Foods to Bring to a Bridal Shower

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Whether you are the sole planner of a bridal shower or you have been tasked with bringing one food item, you may feel overwhelmed. You may worry about dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences. While it may be impossible to please every guest, especially at a huge gathering, you can choose some staples that are sure to satiate many appetites.

Pasta Dish

Most people enjoy eating pasta, so that’s one benefit. Another advantage is that many pasta dishes are easy to make in advance. Instead of spending the morning working in the kitchen, you can prepare the dish the day before and heat it up before you leave or when you get to the shower.


Virtually any type of salad works well for a shower because it can accompany the main dish. An additional perk of a salad is that you can easily make one that does not contain meat, so it will prove suitable for vegetarians as well. Since you can serve most salads cold, you need not worry about heating arrangements.

Charcuterie Plate

If you’ve been to many bridal showers, you probably know that the guests love to pick on little items while they wait for the bride to arrive. Consider making one large charcuterie plate for the guests to share or assembling one for each table. The formality and size of the event can dictate which approach you take.

Fruit Platter

Whether you want to serve a little fruit before the main dish or have a platter to accompany the dessert table, fruit can be cut up the morning of the party. You can even buy pre-cut fruit at the grocery store, arrange it on a pretty plate and added an aesthetically appealing food to the menu.

Mini Sandwiches

Some brides are choosing to have tea-party style showers these days and miniature sandwiches are the perfect fit for such an event. Even when the bride has opted for a more traditional shower, these sandwiches can work well along with the appetizers.


When it comes time for dessert, you’ll find that most of the guests love cookies, especially when they are homemade. An assortment of different cookies can really please them. Also, you could give out cookies as favors to the guests.


Once the guests have finished watching the bride open gifts and they have eaten the cake, they might want something a little fresh to nibble on while they proceed home. A container of mints for each guest solves this issue and also provides you with favors.

Planning a bridal shower can be a great deal of work. When you are trying to simplify the process, consider these options for the menu.

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