3 Wedding Traditions You Simply Can’t Do Without

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Weddings are all about love and commitment – in addition to the delicious food, the heartwarming vows, the elegant flowers and the multitude of other symbolic traditions that all come with their own deeply rooted meanings. With so many unique wedding traditions out there, it can be difficult to focus on the ones that are the most meaningful. Here are three special wedding traditions that the bride cannot do without – and the guests will enjoy immensely.

The Wedding Cake

From the rich and delectable Belgian chocolate to the light, fluffy angel cake, the variety of wedding cakes available is vast and far-reaching. While there are plenty of great wedding cake alternatives, there’s something truly special about having a traditional cake. At many weddings, the wedding cake is typically a central display piece with its own table of honor, ready for guest photography.

The tradition and the symbolism of the wedding cake date back to the Roman and medieval times, where the cake is meant to bring good luck to the couple and their guests. Now it is used to represent the first activity performed together by the bride and groom during the cake cutting ceremony.

The Rings

The symbolism behind the wedding rings is long and rich. Because wedding rings have a long history, there are a number of myths and traditions associated with them. Historically, the wedding rings symbolize a union between two houses. While they can still have that connotation, today, the rings commonly symbolize the commitment between two individuals.

In addition, the sheer range of ring materials and designs can be astounding. Diamonds are commonly the precious stone of preference because of its almost indestructible quality that reinforces the idea of always and forever. However, many other options such as rubies and emeralds are available.

Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding table centerpieces are typically used for decor to make the wedding a special event for both the couple and the guests. Centerpieces can often be awarded as part of certain wedding games to one special guest at the table to take home as a memento at the end of the event. The options for wedding table centerpieces are endless. From floral table runners to a simple vase of flowers to edible creations, centerpieces can completely transform the ambiance from plain to magical.

Some traditions are important. However, when it comes to a wedding, many aspects of traditionally proper components can be changed and tailored to the bride and groom’s preferences. The wedding cake, the ring, and the wedding centerpieces are all components that can greatly increase the enjoyment and excitement of that happy day.

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