3 Tips to Get the Best Bridal Hairstyle

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The planning up to your wedding includes many challenging choices. In addition to making everything as lovely as possible, you also need to plan ahead so that the morning of your wedding is not a stressful scramble. Be sure to give yourself options that day, just in case anything goes awry.

Determine Your Favorite Styles

Set aside a couple of pictures to give to your stylist in case you need to make changes to your intended style. For example, if you plan an outdoor wedding and there’s a risk of rain, high humidity, or strong winds, your hair may need a bit more containment than you originally expected. Many brides like flowers to be included in their hairstyles. If the flowers that get delivered are a bit bigger or smaller than you planned, it may be easier to slightly alter your hairstyle than try to change the shape of the flowers.

Pick the Right Stylist

Your wedding hair stylist should pamper you enough to relax you, but not so much that you get sleepy. This final step in your preparation should be joyous and fun. If possible, check out the many different hair salon shops to see if they have photographic samples of their work. Make sure they’re willing to show you photos of their past work. If a hair stylist or hair salon is hesitant to show their work, or don’t have a collection at all, they may not be someone you want to style your hair.

Try to Keep it Simple

Remember that you will be in that hairstyle all day and that you may have a reception and dance to attend after the ceremony is over. Unless you’re planning to completely change your look after the wedding photos, try to have your hair styled in such a way that you can move easily from the formality of the ceremony to the more casual fun of the reception. Make sure that your hair can be moved so as not to crush it when hugging your guests.

You want your day to be memorable for the right reasons. Do your best to plan ahead and give yourself a few contingencies in case your first choice won’t work. Put in the time to find a salon with a great wedding party history. Finally, enjoy yourself!

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