3 Tips for Having a Fabulous Backyard Wedding

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Weddings can be expensive events, but they are incredibly important. After all, it’s an event you will only experience once in your lifetime (hopefully). If you are looking to have a wedding on a budget, you may have settled on having a backyard wedding. If you have the space or know someone who does, you save a ton of money by not having to secure a space at a wedding venue. It’s unlikely that the backyard you’ve chosen is designed for a wedding. Let’s look at three tips for having a fabulous backyard wedding.

Flowers Everywhere

An outdoor wedding provides a very beautiful backdrop for your special event. To add to the scenic view in the area, The Bouqs Company suggests using flowers anywhere that you can. You can use the flowers that are already planted, or you can incorporate flowers of your own choosing into the design for the big day. Think about flowered archways, flowers on the chairs, flowers down the aisle, and even flowers hanging from existing foliage in the yard.

Have a Green Lawn

You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and see nothing but brown and dry grass. As early before the wedding as you can, focus on getting the lawn as healthy as can be. It might take some extra seeding and watering to get things full and luscious. If you live in a particularly hot climate or you just don’t want to take that much time and effort in preparing your lawn, you could get artificial grass. According to Celebrity Greens, artificial grass is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, requiring very little maintenance to remain lush and green through every season and all weather conditions.

Plan for the Rain or Other Bad Weather

While you can attempt to plan your wedding around the best time of year for nice weather, you can’t always control what weather there is on your wedding day. Mango Muse Events suggests formulating a backup plan in case it rains or there is other inclement weather. If you can’t take the wedding indoors, have tent rentals set up just in case. Outdoor heaters can help take care of an evening chill. Think about umbrellas or parasols for the guests in case of a very hot day or sprinkles.

Planning a wedding is never an easy task. You should start making your decisions as early as possible so you’ll be able to cover all of your bases before the big day arrives. Nothing should take you by surprise. You’re not going to be able to green up your lawn in just a couple of days, and you can’t control the weather, but planning is something you do have complete control over.

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