3 Reasons to Spend Your Winter Honeymoon in Florida

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3 Reasons to Spend Your Winter Honeymoon in Florida
3 Reasons to Spend Your Winter Honeymoon in Florida 2

While many choose spring or summer weddings, winter can be a magical and affordable time to get married. Whether you plan your big day for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or, Valentine’s Day, there are many reasons a winter wedding is an excellent choice. One of the best parts of getting married during the winter is that you get to honeymoon to tropical places like Florida during this less popular season. This provides a number of advantages that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Here are just a few reasons to choose Florida for your winter honeymoon.

The Weather is Nice in the Winter

While many people might think of Florida as a good summer destination, you should remember that summer in Florida can be sweltering and humid. Florida winters, however, are mild and comfortable. You can take in all of the beauty and attractions Florida offers without wilting in the heat. For example, the average winter temperatures in Miami are in the mid-70s. That’s still warm and lovely, making this a perfect time to visit. Orlando temperatures are also in the 70s if theme parks are your thing.

It’s Cheap

You’ve just spent big bucks on your wedding, and you may not have a ton of cash left for the honeymoon. That’s why we love Florida as a cheap destination for winter honeymooners. Couples can find some terrific deals on hotels and resorts compared to other destinations.

If you want an alternative to a hotel, you might want to consider a condo rental. When you’re honeymooning on a budget, Florida can be a great option, since condo rentals are cheaper in the winter there. With a rental, you can also save money by cooking meals instead of dining out. Doing this can save you even more money.

It’s Romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than sharing private moments on the beach with your sweetheart. During the winter, you and your honey can avoid the crowds to get some solitude for real romance. Restaurants are also less crowded, which lets you linger over leisurely romantic dinners that wouldn’t be possible during the busy season.

While getting married in the winter might be uncommon, it can be a great option for those couples who want a cheap tropical honeymoon. There are many chances to find a great deal without sacrificing the quality of your honeymoon experiences. So if you’re looking for a great place to go honeymooning in the winter, the Sunshine State is the perfect destination to create your first memories as a married couple.

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