3 Elegant Wedding Dinner Settings

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Choosing a venue for your wedding and the celebration afterward is a lot of fun. The only things you need to keep in mind are your style and your budget. From there, you can let your imagination roam. Here are three settings you might consider for your special day.

Gorgeous Gardens

If you love the idea of an outdoor wedding surrounded by fragrant flowers and lovely trees, a garden wedding may be for you. A garden is one of the most romantic places to wed. Most wedding gardens are able to accommodate a large group of people, and the setting makes for memorable photographs. Before deciding on a garden setting, however, consider the most obvious drawback. That is the weather. No one can tell for sure if there will be rain months out from the time you book the venue. This is simply a risk you have to take. On the other hand, rain can be romantic. If you plan to host a reception outside after your ceremony, most venues can arrange large open tents for the guests’ comfort.

Banquet Halls

If you want a royal feel to your special day, banquet halls are amazing venues. Not only does a banquet hall make a grand statement, but it can also contain a large number of guests. You can opt to hold both the ceremony and the reception there or marry at another location and return to the hall for a big party. The owners of such facilities usually offer a decoration option to clients who need this service. Since they know large meals will be served in their venues, many banquet halls often offer meal catering as an added bonus. Breathe a big sigh after the wedding, relax and enjoy the dinner.

Remodeled Barns

An old barn might have sounded like an uninviting place to host a wedding banquet a century ago or even 50 years in the past, but this trend is rising among newlyweds. These days, you can find renovated barns that have been specifically designed for weddings, banquets and special events. The appeal of hosting your wedding dinner in such a venue resides in its charm and rustic character. Not only do old barns look beautiful in wedding pictures, but they also can house quite a lot of people. Most barn venues offer services such as catering, decorating and seating accommodations as a package deal. You can also use that beautiful wood floor for some dancing.

The venue will be the centerpiece of your wedding festivities. It can add charm, character, and even a theme to the entire day. Gardens, banquet halls and rustic barns are all wonderful places to host a wedding celebration. Choose the setting that suits you best, and have fun hosting your festivities.

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